Become An Independent Sales Consultant

Earning additional income part-time or securing your future with a full-time income than being a re-seller in any industry you find comfortable, Cool Life CRM is the right opportunity for you.  Control over your schedule, future, and your earnings representing a product with over fifteen years in business with a revolutionary product is the answer. All you will need is your ability to sell, a tablet or computer, a phone, an internet connection, and the desire to meet with small business owners - the perfect plan for self-motivated individuals that want to excel. For more information on how to become an Independent Sales representative, please complete the brief form below!

Great opportunities regardless of your circumstances

Is this right for you? Did you know there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States? Are you available full-time or part-time – or whatever works for your schedule? You may be semi-retired, new graduate, under-employed, or stay-at-home mom - you control your schedule. Whether you live in New York City, Richmond Virginia, El Paso, Texas, or deep within the Napa Valley, businesses need to nurture new customers and have easy to manage marketing. Cool Life CRM applies to all industries, so call on industries where you are most knowledgeable and or comfortable.

Is There a Cost To Start?

The short answer is NO! Cool Life CRM is not a franchise program, nor is it a pyramid– no $$ investment required and nothing to buy. Get started and earn generous income using your skill of closing the sale. You never pay us for anything – we pay all commissions within seven days. You will have full control over your schedule, future, and your earnings.  Reach into your network of business clients, close the leads generated, and nurtured, and you will earn for everything you sell. The more you sell, the more you make. It's as easy as that!

We Handle All The Complicated Stuff

Easy start-up - We have the product, supply the customer with the necessary training, and we do all the follow-up from the sale date. We also do all the administrative work while you focus only on selling. We will launch the customer's website and train them on use while you find your next sale. Our sales training programs are geared to make you into a successful sales consultant. Unlike many sales training programs that rely on lengthy class time, our action-based sales training techniques produce results and are 100% free for all Cool Life CRM Independent Sales Consultant - guaranteed. Self-study material, online interactive webinars, and onsite training is available. We strive to create an "enabling" environment for you to achieve success. For more on earnings information, complete the form below, and we can talk.  

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