Pandemic Created Problems

Owners of small establishments and service businesses continue to be subject to many regulations during the pandemic.

  • Mandatory forced closing.
  • Limiting customer traffic.
  • Outdoor and reduced indoor dining,
  • Local services being interrupted.
  • Inability to solicit the full scope of prospects.
  • Many other obstacles.

The pandemic has dramatically affected local businesses, their owners, and employees. It is time to take control of the "New Normal".

We Recommend These Steps

  • Provide better communication.
  • Make your core information simple to access, such as updated hours and services.
  • Update your website and provide the information on a professional website
  • Listing your menu or services allowing for mobile access
  • Have your menu capable and mobile-ready for social distancing guidelines.
  • Collect your customers' contact information
  • Offer alternative unique services.
  • Find a way that is affordable.

How YOU will benefit from our service?

  • No more hoping your customer will return absent encouragement.
  • You are not going to run your marketing and communications in separate applications.
  • Save the business time and stress.
  • Get your customers in and out safely by providing them with crucial information.
  • Reduce your stress associated with digital tools.
  • Provide you a professional, intuitive service, always available.
  • Affordable and reliable.

Our commitment to YOU

  • Provide you with a secure and professional website.
  • Establish the exact questions and options reflected in your business model.
  • Make your menus and services mobile-friendly.
  • Have your new and returning customers easily provide contact info for your specials and offers.
  • Be sure the customer has an enjoyable experience communicating with you.
  • Deliver you a full-service platform at a low-cost and high-value.
  • We will do all the lifting, simply because that is what we do.
  • Provide unlimited support so you can focus on your business.

Sales & Marketing

  • Prospecting equals Sales
  • Accurate Stats
  • Effective Communications
  • Expand Customer base!

If you have an internet connection, you can have the Cool Life CRM organize your Sales & Marketing efforts.

Professional Website Design

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to update
  • Google-friendly 
  • Promote your business
  • Social Media Embedded
  • Menu of product or Services
  • Plan events & activities

Cool Life will create and maintain a professional, mobile-friendly, fully responsive, and search-optimized website. It will look just how you desire and expect, and we do all updates.

Benefits of Cool Life

  • Everything in One Interface
  • Always Secure and Up to Date
  • Accessible Data
  • Full CRM
  • Affordable

No one has a stronger commitment to Local business owners than Cool Life. We guarantee to exceed your expectations and improve your sales.

Professional eMail Marketing

  • Newsletter's
  • Daily Specials  
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Automated Responses
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Customer Service Communication

Email marketing retains more customers and has a better chance of building profitable, lifelong relationships. Easy to use with templates and one-click delivery.

Always Free Cool Life CRM